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Vintage Texture Packs

Textures are really cool, they can make any background look amazing!  Here are 12 sets of many different kinds of textures.  Most are high resolution!  Enjoy.

Art & Vintage Textures →

Vintage Film →

Vintage Paper →

Vintage Stars →

Vintage Sweet Heart →

Vintage Texture Set 2 →

Vignetted Vintage Paper →

Vintage texture Pack →

Vintage Textured paper →

Victorian Grunge →

Vintage Books →

Vintage Texture Pack II →

All About Textures

Textures are awesome.  You can make some awesome artwork using textures.  Below you will find several free textures to enhance your artwork or just something to mess around with!

Valleys in the Vinyl – Textures, Inspiration, & Exploration →

Colored Vintage Paper (Texture Pack) →


A Collection of Textures

If you are looking for some high quality textures check out some of these!  None of these were made by me  but by a variety of wonderful artists that were willing to share their work.